Automatic Die Cutting Machine CMB1080CS

CMB1080CS features

1. The feeder has 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 for forwarding paper and the nozzle height and angle can be adjust to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.

2. Electric front lay are equipped with 4 fiber optic detector switch to ensure the accuracy of paper in right position.

3. Side lay can be used for both pull and push, and equipped with fiber optic detector to ensure accuracy.

4. The machine can automatic adjust the lifting pressure on the screen, and the pressure shows on the screen.

5. In order to ensure that the cardboard is not deformed and the pressure is stable in the die cutting prosess,The main pressure relief components like wall panel, platform and baseboard are made of ductile iron.

6. The four feet of the moving platform can be fine-tuned with one foot, which is convenient for leveling the platform.

7. The main rotation is driven by a worm gear, which is connected by means of crankshaft, swing rod, connecting rod and bearing pad.

8. This machine adopts three-variable cam intermittent indexing mechanism, make the gripper bars running more smooth.

9. Each oil circuit is equipped with an oil speed and flow detection switch. When the oil pressure is low or no oil, it will automatically alarm and stop.

10. Complete the stripping function at once to remove irrelevant paper scraps and waste edges outside the gripper.