Automatic Die Cutting Machine CMB1080CEFV600

Automatic Die Cutting & Embossing & Hot Foil Stamping Machine

CMB1080CEFV600 features

1. Max pressure 600 tons not only applied to embossing, but also suit for large broadsheet shot stamping and foil stamping.

2. The feeder is from Taiwan Yongchuan brand, it has 4 suckers for lifting paper and 4 for forwarding paper to ensure stable and fast paper feeding.

3. Electric front lay are equipped with 4 fiber optic detector switch to detected the accuracy of the paper position at any time.

4. Side lay position adopts pusher and puller integration design.

5. The machine is equipped with 12 heating temperature zones, and the temperature of each temperature zone can be adjusted independently on the computer screen.

6. Machine equipped with three longitudinal and two horizontal foil drive rollers,Can both pull foil and send foil.

7. The main rotation is driven by a worm gear, which is connected by means of crankshaft, swing rod, connecting rod and bearing pad.

8. It is equipped with a constant temperature oil cooling system, which can ensure the constant temperature and stable pressure of each joint in the main drive.

9. Each oil circuit is equipped with an oil speed and flow detection switch. When the oil pressure is low or no oil, it will automatically alarm and stop.

10. It uses microcomputer to control heating, aluminum foil stepping and various jumping steps.